What our clients are saying

I highly recommend minimize organize simplify. Sarah offers a free consultation and provides a plethora of solutions for many different messes. I booked Sarah to help me purge and organize my office space, which was a little more than a glorified storage unit. She arrived on time and ready to work. Sarah helped me sort through countless items and find homes for them. Sarah is inexhaustible. We finished the task in under four hours. Sarah also took the time to measure my daughters armoire, and go to Lowe’s and retrieve a custom cut shelf for it.

Also, the best part was Sarah never judged my mess! I was comfortable having her in my home, and working alongside her. I am so happy with the results. I have regained an entire room in my house.
-A neighbor in Chelmsford, MA

My organizer Sarah, was ready and willing to help from the moment we spoke on the phone. We accomplished more in several hours than I have been able to do in two years. Sarah is a timely professional with lots of good ideas and enthusiasm for her work and thoroughly enjoys the process. I actually discovered through working with Sarah that I am more organized than I thought I was and now have the motivation and skills to stay that way. My apartment is finally organized!! Thank you Sarah.
-Holly C. Quincy, Ma

Sarah was wonderful in all aspects. She arrived at exactly the time she said she would. She helped me decide what to donate, get rid of, and what to save. She went to target to get some products to help the organization of all my crafts. My room was a mess prior to her coming in and when she left I knew where everything was. I no longer have to spend hours looking for a specific tool, stencil, paper, scissors, or stamp. It’s always right where it belongs. The best thing? I no longer put off projects because of a messy craft room. Stress, no more. Thank you Sarah for helping me regain peace of mind, and joy of completing a project.
-Nancy A. Charlton, Ma

Not only did Sarah help me realize how much money I was wasting on things I already had or didn’t need- She was completely professional and nonjudgmental when it came to all of the clutter I had accumulated in my home. I was never made uncomfortable or forced to get rid of anything I didn’t want to. Intead, I was given helpful tips and advice about organizing and by the end of the process, everything seemed to fit into place. My entire household did a 180, and I could actually relax in my space instead of worrying about how to tackle the next project. I was guided through everything and couldn’t have done it without her! It was absolutely money well spent!

Sarah was great to work with and made what felt like an impossible task fun and rewarding. She’s professional, efficient, friendly, and really listened to my needs and wants. She is easy to work with and had great tips on how to minimize and keep things organized. I highly recommend this company and can’t wait to have Sarah come back!

I always felt like our house was clean, but our closets and cabinets were so cluttered. Sarah not only helped clean out the messy areas, but she created an organized system for our home. I had no idea the of the relief I would feel when everything had a place!
– Mandy