Minimize Organize Simplify provides customized, professional home organizing services throughout Massachusetts. We help clients declutter and maximize their space, in order to achieve a functional, stress free environment. Our non-judgmental approach allows clients the support to overcome disorganization and acquire new organizing skills.

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Why might YOU need help from a professional organizer?

Do you have clutter?
Excessive paperwork?
Not enough room for all your belongings?
Are you constantly looking for misplaced or lost items?
Does getting out of your house on time always feel like a challenge?
Is finding an outfit in your closets a time consuming process?

What our client’s are saying

I am so grateful I reached out to Sarah of ‘Minimize, Organize, Simplify’. She has made such a very positive difference in my life. Several years ago, my husband died, had to sell the house, and move into a condo. I also raised sons and had all their acquisitions, they also moved with me as I was in no frame of mind to sort things out. I was overwhelmed and depressed. My son went on line and found an organizer, Sarah. He knew how depressed I had been. I met Sarah and she had such a positiveness to her, that I figured she could help me. And indeed, she did! We went thru years and years of stuff. No holds barred! She actually was able to take the items no longer needed or used to a distribution center. Very helpful! We also were able to fill a container with precious items of sentimental value. I am so happy with my decision to hire Sarah. I now feel I can have friends and family over to enjoy my tidy home. There is inner peace with me and a smile on my face today. And I am so very grateful to have Sarah in my life. I highly recommend her.

Linda G Chelmsford, MA

I contacted Sarah based on the recommendation of a friend. From the moment she introduced herself, I knew I was in capable hands. We discussed the two rooms, my hopes for how they could be used, and possible time frames for the job. Sarah was very professional, with no judgment she explained the process and gave me a rough idea about the window of time necessary. I was encouraged and energized throughout the process of tackling the project. Sarah moved us along swiftly and before I knew it, I was watching my vision rapidly take shape. By the end of the day, our family gained two new rooms! Sarah quickly arranged the items we kept so all could be easily located and packed up all of the items to be donated into her car. Ever since, we have been using the rooms as I had hoped. It was an inspiring experience and I am grateful for Sarah's services.

Seeta D. Groton, MA

Sarah was referred to me by my cousin and she was the best recommendation I’ve ever received! She is a wonderful person, professional, efficient, energetic, and no judgement. She helped me declutter and organize my kitchen, bathroom, garage, storage area, craft area, shelving and random clutter collection areas. Sarah gave me the “tools” to continue my project myself and It feels so good to be clutter free! I highly recommend Sarah for all your organization needs....the best person for the job!

Sharon C. Billerica, MA